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Midwife: mid·​wife | (verb) to bring into being

It is a great honor & privilege to witness the birth of new families.

Here are some kind words that I share with permission.

When I think back on my labor and delivery, one of the brightest points was the first contraction I had with Jessy by my side...she lightly touched my arm and breathed with me and I literally felt everything relax. Her energy is so soothing and calm, I would not have wanted to go through that experience without her. When my husband got tired, she was still there, guiding me through each wave and reassuring me everything was well.  I had an absolutely beautiful birth experience, in large part thanks to Jessy.  


She also has a ton of knowledge and even after birth she was there to help me with breastfeeding, clogs, mastitis and thrush (she diagnosed me through text and pictures and gave me great information to feel better quickly) and even postpartum depression. She is absolutely wonderful and I can't recommend her highly enough! 


Dear Mamma,

If you are reading this, you are likely looking for a genuine, compassionate, and knowledgeable soul to care for you, your family, and your little one(s) during this exciting but nerve racking time. The weight of choosing this special person may seem overwhelming, but I can assure you you have already found the one! I have known Jessy for over 20 years and have always considered her one of my dearest friends. I consider it a privilege and honor to have had her as a postpartum doula after a traumatic birth experience with my son. My son was born via emergency c-section in an Italian hospital as we were stationed overseas with the military. Jessy came to visit and stayed with us for a week after his birth. Even as a nurse who worked with mothers and babies, I knew very little about the essential role of a doula in the prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum period. I thought that your body would do its thing and my husband and nurses/doctors could provide all the support I needed, so I didn’t look much into a doula. It was only after my birth plan went completely wrong that I realized that even in the best of situations, I still needed an advocate, a comforting touch, reassurance when fear was taking over, someone I trusted, someone who practiced evidence based care, and someone who I knew had both of our best interests in mind. I wish so much that I could have had Jessy as my midwife and/or doula, as I know she would have been exactly that and so much more. However, the week that Jessy spent with my new family of three was one of immense healing, healing that I didn’t even know that I needed. Healing through conversation and external processing, food, compassion, and laughter. Without this start to my healing process, I do not know where I would be today. My prayers are with you in this beautiful journey of parenthood, and know that you are in the best of hands.


I have to preface this testimonial by saying I don't believe things happen by chance or luck but by the moving of the hand of the Almighty God. The birth of our first child, a child we had prayed for for almost five years, was where we first met Jessy in March of 2018. I do not remember having met Jessy before labour at any of my prenatal midwife appointments, but she was a perfect fit right from the beginning of labor. Her personality was so life-giving and energizing to my husband and I, and we needed it because that labour lasted for over 50 hours. Jessy reassured my husband multiple times that everything was okay and explained what was happening at each stage of labor. She quoted Scripture to me just when I needed it. She ministered to me with food and drink- boosting my strength and morale. And when all was done and our beautiful son was born, Jessy chatted with me on the bed while the other midwives did some repair work on my poor beat-up body. Emotions are always all over the place after giving birth and I remember being so thankful for the birth team that God had on call for those days of gruesome labor, but also being sad because the midwife apprentices (Jessy being one of them) would only be in my area for a little while to finish their apprenticeship. 

Fast forward to over a year. We found out we were expecting baby number two right around the same time our son would turn two. Imagine my surprise when I was pulling into our local discount grocery store, to see a woman I was sure was Jessy but couldn't possibly be because she had left our area. We came face to face in the produce section where I knew it truly WAS Jessy and found out she was back for a few more weeks of training at my midwife's office. I was elated that she would be around for my prenatal appointments for our second baby. Jessy always can make you laugh and her exuberant personality is so contagious. She was able to be a part of several of my appointments and I tried so hard to get her to give up her plans and stay in the area so she was around for the birth of our baby girl but without avail. 


Our little girl was born at home in February of 2020, after a surprisingly fast labor- about 5 hours. When I told Jessy of our plans to have a home birth this time instead of at the midwife's office, she assured me we would love it and she was right. After our daughter's birth she was one of the first people we wanted to tell and share pictures with. We still keep in touch and if I lived in her area I would absolutely use her as my midwife again and again. We are so thankful the Lord crossed our paths for those few months and weaved Jessy's story into a part of ours.


I had the pleasure of having Jessy as my doula for the last trimester of my pregnancy, the birth and some time thereafter. I must say right away Jessy makes you feel completely comfortable. She's bubbly and uplifting. Jessy is so caring, she comes off like a sister and best friend. She completely empowers you, anything you want to accomplish Jessy is right there aiding and cheering you on. She made me feel like a goddess and her prenatal massages were amazing! She specializes in all natural oils and remedies, I received the most wonderful smelling belly balm that I now swear by to help with stretch marks! I ended up with a c-section so Jessy held my hand as things got started and then assisted my partner in taking pictures to capture the moment. She was such a bright light and extraordinary motivation. Afterwards Jessy was always just a phone call away, she was wonderful with my postpartum needs and concerns. I was so lucky to have her, anyone would, she is truly a beautiful soul.


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